Election Officers and Other Committee Vacancies up for Election at April GMM

Two Chief Election Officers will be elected at the April GMM (April 17th). There are also several vacant positions on other committees that members may nominate themselves for.  Please nominate yourself by contacting Stacey at cupe3903vpu1@gmail.com by Monday, April 15th. Nominations from the floor of the GMM will be entertained.

The role of the Chief Electoral Officers is to organize the elections as per the bylaws. Most of the work is around the annual election that occurs between late January and early March, but they are also responsible for any by-elections that may be held during the year. The honorarium is $750 per year per position, plus and additional $150 per by-election. Further details on the Chief Electoral Officer position can be found on our committee page.

The full list of committees and any vacancies can also be found on our committee page.