York Fails to Implement Increase in Vacation Pay for Many Members

York promised the vacation pay increase (and the retroactive increase) from 4% to 6%  for members with more than 5 years of service was to be included no later than the March paycheques.

It has become apparent that the increase was not properly implemented by payroll;  some members who were eligible were paid the current and retroactive increases, others were denied funds they were owed!

Members with more than 5 years of service should have seen both the 2% increase in vacation pay and the payment for a retroactive increase that could go as far back as September 2017.

If you have more than 5 years of service and did not receive retroactive vacation pay as a lump sum in a separate line in this month’s paycheque (some members were also paid in February), please email your Chief Steward (cupe3903csu1@gmail.com; cupe3903chiefstewardunit2@gmail.com; cupe3903csu3@gmail.com) or the Grievance Officer (cupe3903go@gmail.com) with that information.