TFAC Candidates’s Statements

The following candidates are currently running for the position of TFAC Co-Chair. Voting will begin at the TFAC Annual General Meeting on March 26 and will run until March 28, 10-4 each day on the Keele campus. Only TFAC members may participate in this election. All women, trans, gender queer and gender variant members of the local are members are TFAC.

Lindsay Harding

My name is Lindsay Harding. I’m a grad student in Linguistics, and I’m running for TFAC Co-Chair. In the past year I’ve served the membership as a rank and file rep on the CUPE Toronto District Council, the Joint Health and Safety Committee and as moderator of the SC List, in addition to participating in the Steward’s Council and Strike Committee as a Unit 1 department steward. Some folx might remember me as a picket captain at the Pond Rd and Northwest Gate picket lines. I’ve spent the past year devoting all of the time that I could to making York and 3903 more just and equitable spaces, on the picket lines and in committee rooms (including TFAC meetings, of course), in the fight against York’s strike protest reprisals and through my participation in union meetings (including acting as an “(S)GMM buddy” to assist members with disabilities and uphold the equity statement). After spending the past year doing whatever I could as a rank and file member of 3903 to stand up for feminist ideals of inclusivity, diversity, and to fight for the rights of sexual assault survivors in our union, I would welcome the opportunity to do so in the coming year as one of your TFAC Co-Chairs.

Kelsey Ioannoni

My name is Kelsey Ioannoni, I’m a fat, 5th year PhD student in Sociology. I have been involved in the union since my first year at York, when we went on strike in 2015. My involvement has become much more active in the last year or so during bargaining, leading up to and during the strike. During the strike, I attended all SGMMs, Strike Committee, and I was a member of the 8th line, working on shift coordination and payroll for the social media team. To make things more accessible to members who may not have been able to attend, I actively live tweeted Senate meetings keep our members informed. As an intersectional feminist, I am dedicated to accessibility and social justice work, both in the union and in my personal life. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute more to the union in this capacity, if elected.

Susannah Mulvale

My name is Susannah Mulvale and I am nominating myself for TFAC Co-Chair. I have been an active member of CUPE 3903 since 2015 as the Unit 1 Psychology department steward. I was a Strike Coordinator in the 2018 strike and in the past few years I have been active in bargaining, GMMs, Steward’s Council, Strike Committee, and Flying Squad meetings. Since July, 2018 I have held the position of VP Community Relations (formerly VP Gender Issues) for York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA). I have been a YUGSA councillor since 2016 representing the Psychology department, and I am currently Co-Chair and Treasurer of the Psychology Graduate Students’ Association (PGSA). In my PGSA, YUGSA, and CUPE 3903 roles, I have been responsible for campus coalition-building and advocating on behalf of students and CUPE members. Going into next year I would like to continue this work by providing advocacy for TFAC members in union spaces, in the workplace, and on campus generally. I will ensure that TFAC remains an accessible space for women, trans, gender queer and gender variant members.