Unit 1 Blanket Applications Only Accessible Through Student Passport York

Many Unit 1 members may have accidentally submitted Unit 2 Blanket Applications.

Unit 1 members who logged into York’s online Blanket Application system using their employee Passport York were automatically given a Unit 2 Blanket Application to fill in.

Members must log in with their STUDENT Passport York in order to access the Unit 1 Blanket Application.

Despite York’s insistence that student Passport York accounts are unrelated to our members’s status as employees it is only through this login that a Unit 1 Blanket (employment) Application can be reached.

Members may wish to resubmit their application and have until the end of business day today, January 31st (4:30pm) to do so. However, we will vigorously defend any members denied positions due to York’s mishandling of this issue.