Levy Update

The Employer has informed the Executive Committee that Payroll, Human Resources was unable to enact the January 2019 portion of the membership-approved levy due to time-frame constraints and existing backlogs related to the close of monthly payroll. The Employer presented the Executive Committee with two options: (1) shift levy from January through April 2019 to February through May 2019 or (2) increase the levy amount from 1% to 1.33% for February through April 2019.

Per the specific language approved by the membership at the January GMM and subsequently by the National President’s Office that limited the levy to January through April 2019 and to 1%, the Executive Committee informed the Employer that the levy should thus remain at the rate of 1% and will be limited to the on-cycle, regular gross wages of the February through April 2019 pay cheques.