Bylaw Amendment Results

The following bylaw amendments were passed at the January General Meeting.

  • Article 10: Committees (Health and Safety Committee)

Joint Health and Safety Committees are made up of employee and employer representatives who meet to evaluate and address work place health and safety problems and issues. 3903 JHSC representatives The Health and Safety Committee consist of six thirteen elected representatives, which include one JHSC Coordinator and twelve committee members.

The Coordinator sits on the Health and Safety Executive Council and is the point person responsible for coordinating communication across committee members. They are responsible for collecting information on systemic issues within and across the different committees and addressing these issues with the Executive Council.

The representative members They act as advocates for members on all health and safety matters, investigate accidents and work stoppages involving our members, perform workplace inspections inspect the entire workplace annually, sit on and meet with specific faculty and location based joint health and safety committees management every two months to discuss all of the above and make sure everything is followed up.

The Health and Safety Committee is elected for a one-year term. A wide variety of representation is encouraged for these elected positions; as there are various site and program specific committees (for example: JHSC’s designated to Glendon, Faculty of Science, LAPS, AMPD, Osgoode, Libraries, etcetera).

Honorarium: There is no direct honorarium, although the employer sets aside money annually to pay committee members an hourly wage for work done, at the marker/grader rate. This hourly wage includes time spent in meetings, inspections, and training.  Additional hours are allocated and compensated for the Coordinator role.

Yes: 40 votes
No: 2 votes
Spoiled: 1 votes

  • Article 10: Committees (Bilingualism Committee)

(a) This committee is composed of 2 members from any unit. At least one member must be a member of the Trans Feminist Action Caucus (TFAC).

(b) The committee is responsible for assessing and responding to the needs of the local in terms of translation and French language content and promoting outreach and inclusion for our francophone members. This committee coordinates translation of important documents and resources as well as any other translation projects that may arise.

(c) Members of the Bilingualism Committee may be called upon by other committees to provide translation help for fund applications submitted in French.

(d)(c) This committee meets with the communications officer at least once a month and coordinates with the Communications committee.

(e)(d) The Bilingualism Committee is elected for a one term. Honorarium: $500 per year.

Yes: 35 votes
No: 3 votes
Spoiled: 1 votes