Levy Vote

The CUPE 3903 Executive Committee is suggesting a small levy in order to balance the budget. Why a levy now?

  1. York is forcing grievances into arbitration

The grievance process is designed to give the parties a chance to discuss and potentially agree where there are conflicts in hiring, application of the collective agreement, etc. This is why there are four steps in the grievance process. York is now refusing to settle grievances – including open and shut cases – through the grievance process.

  1. Grievances continue to increase, especially because of York’s poor handling of remediation

Because of York’s refusal to go through the grievance process, all cases that we want to pursue need to be sent to arbitration. Arbitration means that that the union needs to pay half of the cost of the room and the arbitrator. York is clearly hoping that we won’t be able to afford to send even simple grievances to arbitration. This is especially serious because of the high volume of remediation grievances following the inconsistent and arbitrary way in which departments went about remediation.

  1. The local needs funds to pay staff and other professionals to represent you

In order to file grievances and pursue them in arbitration, we need to be able to pay staff salaries, including benefits and pension contributions. Lawyers and other legal professionals also need to be paid for arbitration and legal opinions.

Combined with continued compressions to the budget, a small levy helps ensure that YOUR job remains safe. 

When would the 1% Levy apply?

  • On-cycle paycheques from January 2019 to April 2019

What will a 1% Levy over 4 months allow for?

  • Remove budgetary deficit brought on by depreciated dues amounts within the current fiscal year
  • Pay off outstanding and forthcoming legal bills
    • Since 31 October 2018, the Local has received over $170k in legal invoices
    • In the month of December 2018 alone, a month abridged due to the holiday season, the Local received $51k in legal invoices
    • This volume is only expected to continue due to expected bills related to arbitration, ongoing and future grievances, CSRR, etc.
  • Allow the Local to pursue further grievances via mediated arbitration, as York refuses to respect the traditional grievance process
  • Allow the Local to continue to support and defend our members when unjustly attacked by the Employer
  • Ensure a stable cashflow throughout the summer months, since the bulk of the local’s budget comes from Fall/Winter dues
  • Ensure the Local lives up to our monetary obligations to our staff as per the CUPE 3903/CUPE 1281 CA
  • Allow the Local to continue to monetarily support social and political causes as per our commitment to Social Unionism
  • Wards off the necessity of crippling spending freezes, severe cuts, and loan repayments as was necessary in past years when supplementary income was not secured

When is the Levy vote?

  • The vote on whether to implement the proposed levy will take place at the GMM on January 8th, 2019, in the Harry Crowe room, 109 Atkinson starting at 1pm.

*Please note that voting on the levy cannot begin until discussion on this agenda item has closed and the motion is finalised. While this item will be placed at the top of the agenda to facilitate the opening of the ballot as soon as possible, this is dependent on the agenda order being approved at the meeting, and on the length of time the membership wishes to discuss the proposed motion*