International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Image description:
The CUPE 3903 star logo is on the top left. Underneath that is the United Nations IDPD logo, which is a four-colour graphic of hands circling around a dot in the center as if holding or hugging. Underneath that and also to the right is text.
Image text:
International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December.
In recognition of IDPD, CUPE 3903 celebrates our disabled members and the contributions they make to our union and our workplace. People with disabilities have been, and continue to be, agents of change both in the university and within our local.
An intersectional disability justice agenda asserts the inherent value of all people and all lives, regardless of ability to maintain paid employment.
As a labour union, CUPE 3903 recognizes the barriers to employment that people with disabilities face and we affirm our interdependence and our responsibilities to each other.
CUPE 3903 reaffirms our commitment to challenging ableism and making our union, our workplaces, and our communities more accessible.