Pay Discrepancy Update

After hundreds of pay discrepancies were recorded and flagged for the employer in the month of September, we are hearing from countless more members who remain underpaid, or unpaid for remediation work, and/or their new contracts. This is unacceptable.

You can find a breakdown of what you were paid on your pay stub through HR Self Serve.

A more details about rates of pay and funding on our PAY DAY FAQ.

If you have not been paid in full for either the remediation period, or your new contract, please fill out the NEW Pay Discrepancy Survey, which will help us to track the status of existing pay discrepancies, and notify the employer of incoming discrepancies.

It is entirely unacceptable that the employer has repeatedly failed to pay our members for contracts that were completed in August, and we will do everything we can to make sure everyone is paid in full for their work.


  • Grant-in-Aid for remediation work should amount to $883.50, however, we received confirmation that GIA was incorrectly prorated to our hours, and we have asked the employer to correct their error immediately.

  • Those of you who completed TUTOR 1 assignments during remediation, you should have been paid at an hourly rate of $40.90/hr, and NOT the $31.51/hour we are seeing on many of our pay stubs.

  • We are noticing that some members who completed the entirety of their 2017-18 Contract (i.e. 270/270 hours), have yet to receive full compensation in the amounts indicated on their offers of appointment. If you are one of these members please complete the updated survey, and contact your Chief Steward.

  • We have learned that a number of members who were not provided with New Contracts until after September 4th have still not been entered onto the employees list, and remain unpaid for September and now October. If you are in this situation please contact your Chief Steward immediately, so we can help resolve the issue.


  • The union will be sending all grievances for improper appointments to arbitration to challenge the employers interpretation of the Unit 2 MoS.

  • Unit 2 members should have received payment for the retroactive salary increase for 2017-18 contracts on their October paycheck.

  • The employer has been notified of the errors in vacation pay for all members with +5 years of experience, but they have yet to remedy the situation.


  • We have heard that some Unit 3 members only received remediation pay for half of the hours they submitted. If you are one of these people, please get in touch with your Chief Steward.

  • The hourly rate for Graduate Assistants is $25.67/hour.

  • The Grant-in-Aid for Unit 3 members is $454.75/month.

If you have any issues with how you were paid (wages, GIA, vacation pay, taxes), you can contact Rob Lawson, at Faculty Relations at, as well as your respective Dean’s Office, and CC your Chief Stewards on your correspondence so we can track the discrepancy and help put pressure on the employer to resolve these issues.

If you have any problems with your funding (Grad. Financial Assistance, International Tuition Offset, Fellowship Funding) please contact Mario Verilli at Faculty of Graduate Studies, or one of the Graduate Funding Advisors, Arun Devdas at (ext 70255) or Sandra Yiu (ext 70203).

You can check your funding at Passport York Account at