Unit 2 Retroactive Pay Increase

While many of our bargaining issues are going to arbitration (Nov. 3-4), we did negotiate and settle on salary increases of 2.1%, 2.2% and 2.3% per year for Unit 2 members.

Unit 2 members should have had their retroactive pay increase of 2.1% for 2017-18 added to their October 25 pay.

Salary Rate Increases

In our previous (2014-2017) Unit 2 collective agreement, the salary rates for a full Course Director position (1 Type 1) were:
2014-15: $16,287
2015-16: $16,531
2016-17: $16,779

During the 2017-18 university year, Unit 2 members continued to be paid at the old rate of $16,779 for a full CD or $8,389.50 for a half CD, pending the outcome of bargaining. As noted above, we negotiated salary increases of 2.1%, 2.2% and 2.3% per year.

Therefore, the new salary rates for a full Course Director position are:
2017-18: $17,131
2018-19: $17,508
2019-20: $17,911
The salary increase for 2017-18 was retroactive to September 1, 2017, so that is why members should have received additional income as part of their October pay.

It appears that current 2018-19 contracts are being paid at the correct 2018-19 rate and incorporating the 2.1% increase from last year and the 2.2% increase for this year.

Check Your October 25th Pay Statement

Unit 2 members who had contracts at any time between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018 are strongly encouraged to check their pay statements to ensure that they received the retroactive pay increase. The retroactive pay increase should appear on your October 25 pay statement as two entries, one labelled “Retro-Reg Earnings-CUPE 3903-2” and the other labelled “Retro Vacation CUPE Unit 2.”

Members should have received an additional 2.1% of their earnings from September 1, 2017 until August 31, 2018. If you find or calculate how much you were paid (gross regular earnings, i.e. before deductions) during that period, take that amount and multiply by 0.021 and that is the retroactive (gross) pay that you should have received.That should be the amount labelled “Retro-Reg Earnings-CUPE 3903-2.” You should also take that retroactive earnings amount and multiply by 0.04 to determine the retro vacation pay amount which is labelled “Retro Vacation CUPE Unit 2.”

Remaining Issues with Unit 2 Payroll

We have found out that Unit 2 members who held a contract last year (and therefore should have received the retroactive pay increase) but don’t have a current contract (such is the life of precarious workers) did not receive their retroactive pay increase on October 25. So, if you’re an unemployed Unit 2 member, injury is added to injury. CUPE 3903 is in contact with the Employer about this issue. Individual members have been told that the payroll office is working on a special off-cycle pay run to deal with this issue.

Most Unit 2 members have not received their Remediation Pay. We have not received a firm commitment from the Employer about when we will receive that income.

Unit 2 members with 5 or more years of experience should also receive an increase in Vacation Pay from 4% to 6%. We have not received a firm commitment from the Employer about when we will receive that income.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Feel free to contact Murray Cooke, Unit 2 member of the Bargaining Team (murraycooke3903@gmail), or one of your other Unit 2 representatives in the local, or our CUPE 3903 staff.