Update on Remediation Pay Meeting with Employer

Members of the CUPE 3903 Executive Committee, as well as the LMC representatives from Units 1, 2, and 3 were present for a meeting with Rob Lawson, Leanne DeFilippis (both from Faculty Relations), and Kate McPherson (Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs of LAPS) to discuss ongoing issues with remediation.

Issues that were raised include:

  • Improper appointments (CUPE 3903 executive members indicated that the employers interpretation of the U2 MoS we will challenge through arbitration)
  • Lack of transparency around the approval of remediation workload forms and the lack of consistency between faculties
  • Cases in which Unit 1 work was completed to 100% but total yearly funding fell below the minimum guarantee
  • Remediation pay that does not match remediation hours
  • Unit 1 Course Directors who have not yet been paid for remediation work
  • remuneration for front-loaded courses
  • Irregular contracts, e.g. double TAships or single-semester ticketed courses that are paid out over 8 months (employer indicated most of these cases should be correctable)
  • Payment for Unit 1 TAs who replaced a CD or TA who did not return (the employer indicated this should be considered an “authorized replacement”)
  • Increases to salary for U2 and increases to vacation pay for members who have 5+ years of service (salary increases should be seen in October pay. Employer still working on how to calculate who gets the extra 2% vacation pay)
  • Wrong amounts of GIA (The Chief Steward for Unit 1 will email employer to follow up)

In regards to the concerns that were flagged in the meeting, the employer has indicated that they will need the specifics of the cases. We have taken note of that and will offer to share the remediation spreadsheet with Faculty Relations. Of particular interest, however, is the employer’s response to the fact that remediation pay did not match remediation hours for many Unit 1s. According to the hours on the paystub, remediation pay was paid out at a rate of around $31/hr. The employer, however, claims that the hours on the paystub are not meant to represent the hours paid. In order to calculate how many hours were paid, take the gross pay and divide it by 40.90, which is the hourly pay for Unit 1. It is important to note that because of this unfortunate mix-up, there may be even more grievances than we originally anticipated. We will be updating the membership once we get more information.