CSSP Eligibility List – Application Deadline November 1

Please consult the 2017-2018 Continuing Sessional Status Programme (CSSP) eligibility list (you can find the document below) from the employer for the upcoming CSSP application round. CSSP blanket applications are due on November 1, 2018.

As per the Unit 2 Collective Agreement (Art. 12 CSSP section, p. 33), the employer is required to provide us with this eligibility list on Oct. 1st, so that members have an opportunity to address any list anomalies.

If you think you should be included in the eligibility list, but your name is not listed, please contact Rob Lawson (rlawson@yorku.ca) in the Faculty Relations Office. The CSSP eligibility criteria are as follows: you need to have taught an average annual minimum of 2.0 over the past three years. That is, when you add up all of the teaching you have done in the past three years, your total needs to be at least 6.0, even if you have some years when you taught less than 2.0. As an example, if you taught 1.5, 1.5, and then 3.0, your average annual minimum would be 2.0 (total of 6 divided by 3 years = 2.0 average).

Instructions for applying
Two ways to apply to the CSSP by the Nov. 1, 2018 deadline

Please note that you should apply to the same departments that you usually do, even if you do not expect to be offered work in that department. One of the conditions of the CSSP Guarantee (“payout”) is that members maintain the same “application profile.”

Please also keep a record of the departments to which you have applied. You will receive either a paper receipt or a confirmation email(s) acknowledging receipt of your application, depending on which application method you use.

1) You can submit your CSSP blanket application in either paper copy or by email
– I’ve never submitted by email, so I’m guessing that members who use this method either scan their paper application or have prepared their own word processed document.
– The CSSP blanket application form is available on the CUPE 3903 website:


– Scroll about halfway down the page to “Forms Processed by Your Home Department/Individual Departments.”

2) Alternately, you can submit the CSSP blanket application online at


For step-by-step help with the online application, please click the “FAQ” link across the top menu.

Once you are logged in with your Passport York credentials, the online module will show the basic personal information that York has on file for you, as well as your seniority count. You can also simultaneously select the Faculty, then the departments to which you want to apply. Once you submit your application, the module will automatically upload your York work history from ARMS (Academic Resources Management System), although you will not be able to see it.

For the time being, individuals wishing to receive a copy of their work history should contact either Rob Lawson (rlawson@yorku.ca) or Charles Bisram (bisr590@yorku.ca) in the Faculty Relations Office.

You will also have the opportunity to upload your CV, and your own record of your work history, if you happen to have been keeping one.

Before you submit your application, please double-check to make sure that you have uploaded your CV.

CSSP Instructors Oct 2018