Deadline To Pick Up Strike Pay

Due to the necessity of forwarding all National Strike Fund Forms to CUPE National as part of the larger reconciliation process, it is necessary for there to be a deadline by which members will need to pick up all strike-related cheques. Checks include strike pay, strike hardship fund, strike childcare fund and expenses made during the stirke. Therefore, October 30th, the date of the October GMM, will be the last date that members can pick up said cheques. After October 30, stale strike-related cheques will no longer be re-issued and strike-related cheques will no longer be available.

For members who are unable to pick up their cheques from the Union Office by the deadline can have their cheques mailed to them. To do this, members need to send a signed (signature not typed out) and dated authorization letter to the Treasurer with the following text:


I, _____________, authorize Devin Lefebvre (CUPE 3903 Chairperson) or Michael Laurentius (CUPE 3903 Treasurer) to sign for and mail out any and all outstanding strike-related cheques of mine to the following address:


(signature) (date).