September Committee Elections and Remaining Vacancies

According to the bylaws, the following committees are elected during the September General Membership Meeting:

  • Childcare Committee
  • CUPE Toronto District Council
  • Elections Committee
  • Professional Development Fund Committee
  • Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee (Unit 2 only)
  • York University Pension Board of Trustees Representative
  • Ways and Means Committee

Position descriptions are below. If you would like to nominate yourself for any of these positions, please email Stacey at by 5 pm on September 19. Elections will be held for contested positions during the September 20 GMM.

Childcare Committee (4 positions)

The purpose of this committee is to facilitate the disbursement of Child Care Fund among CUPE 3903 members. Part of the work of this committee will be mobilizing members to apply for this fund, reaching out to all members with childcare needs, and inputting the data collected.

Honorarium: $250 per member per year.

CUPE Toronto District Council (6 positions)

The CUPE Toronto District Council is comprised of all affiliated CUPE locals in Toronto. It meets once per month.  CUPE 3903 is entitled to six delegates who serve a one-year term.

Honorarium: $250 per year per member.

Election Committee (2 positions)

The role of the Chief Electoral Officers is to organize the elections as per the bylaws. Most of the work is around the annual election that occurs between late January and early March, but they are also responsible for any by-elections that may be held during the year. The work includes accepting the nominations, arranging for members to scrutineer, arranging and setting up tables for voting, and alongside the executive, communicating the details of the elections to the membership. While there is usually very little work, members interested in this position should expect to commit a significant chunk of time in late February and in early March. Current members of the executive are ineligible for these positions. Additionally, election officers may not run for executive positions in the election for which they serve.

Honorarium: $750 per year per position, plus and additional $150 per by-election.

Professional Development Fund Committee (3 positions – 1 Coordinator, 2 Representatives)

This Committee has three elected representatives: the PDF Coordinator, and two PDF Representatives. The PDF Coordinator administers the Professional Development Fund throughout the contract year in accordance with established guidelines, and is the primary contact person for members. One of the Coordinator’s tasks is to chair four meetings (September, January, March, and June). The purpose of each meeting is to adjudicate the distribution of PDF funds, the Teaching Development Fund, and the Tuition Costs Fund. The PDF Coordinator is also responsible for the actual disbursement of funds and for the general upkeep of the PDF account.

Honorarium: (for the PDF Coordinator) $2,250, paid in three equal instalments of $750 per funding cycle at an estimated time of 40 hours per cycle.

Honorarium: (for the PDF Representative): $600, paid out as $150 per meeting.

Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee (2 positions – Unit 2 only)

The Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee consists of two members from Unit 2.  This committee, working with YUFA, decides on allocation of the major and minor research grants, and on travel grants. There are 3 or 4 meetings per year. Most of the time requirement is in preparation for the meetings, since the files can be quite lengthy. Members of the committee are ineligible to apply for funds.

Honorarium: $500 per position per year.

York University Pension Board of Trustees Representative (1 position)

The Board of Trustees (BoT) of the York Pension Fund is a board that reports to the Board of Governors but which has some union representation.  The representative to this Board serves as a fiduciary for a three-year term.

Honorarium: $250 per year.

Ways & Means Fund (3 positions)

This committee meets as often as is required to assess applications to the Ways and Means Fund and to disburse funds.

Honorarium: $1,000 per member per year.

Other Vacancies

Correspondingly, there are currently five committees with vacancies: Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic Relations, Discrimination, and/or Harassment (2 vacancies), Distribution Committee (6 vacancies), International Graduate Students’ Committee (IGSC) (2 vacancies), Labour-Management Committee (1 vacancy; unit 3), and Toronto and York Region Labour Council Representatives (6 vacancies). Every committee position includes an honorarium.

Similar to the previous positions, the nomination period is open until 5 pm on September 19. To nominate yourself, please email Stacey at