Bylaw Amendment Results

The following bylaw amendments were passed at the Annual General Meeting.

Article 17.2 – Election of Negotiation Team

(a)        Bargaining unit members shall elect two (2) three (3) members in good standing to represent the bargaining unit in accordance with Article 14 (f) Election Phase, of these bylaws.
(b)        Each unit without an executive member on the negotiating team shall elect one additional member to the negotiating team.

(d)        The Grievance Officer shall automatically be a member of the local’s negotiating team but will be a non-voting member and will serve in a consultative capacity

NOTE: Article 17.2 will have to be renumbered

Yes: 63 votes
No: 19 votes
Spoiled: 3 votes

Article 11 – Trans Caucus (f)

(f)        The Caucus will establish a Trans Fund Committee to oversee the CUPE 3903 Trans Fund. TFAC will oversee the election of the Trans Fund Committee. The Committee will consist of three trans-identified people and will be elected members of the Caucus selected annually. Their responsibilities will include advertising and promoting the Fund, receiving and reviewing applications, adjudicating applications and determining disbursements as per the Trans Fund policies and procedures, and liaising with the Executive and Trustees to ensure timely disbursement of awarded funds and the safe and confidential provision of records required for accounting purposes, as negotiated between the Committee and Executive with a view toward ensuring the safety and confidentiality of applicants.

Yes: 76 votes
No: 6 votes
Spoiled: 1 vote