Committee Elections Results

Most committee elections were held at the Annual General Meeting on August 15. New committees take office on September 1. The results are below.

Accessibility Committee (4 positions)

Odelia Bay: 89 votes (ELECTED)
Drew Danielle Belsky: 96 votes (ELECTED)
Cath Duchastel: 78 votes (ELECTED)
Tracy Mack: 40 votes
Dion Tubrett: 60 votes (ELECTED)

Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic Relations, Discrimination, and/or Harassment (2 positions)


All-University Pension Committee (1 position)

Kyle Belozerov: 16 votes
Kevin Reynolds: 99 votes (ELECTED)

Archive Committee (2 positions)

Chelsea Bauer: 100 votes (ELECTED)
Kevin Burris: 29 votes
Nicole Leach: 47 votes (ELECTED)
Monika Lemke: 26 votes
Chris Luszczek: 16 votes

Bilingualism Committee (2 positions)

Merlin Charles: 16 votes
Maija Duncan: 100 votes (ELECTED)
Emilie Hurst: 60 votes (ELECTED)

Bursaries Committee (2 positions)

Wendy Chappel: 25 votes
Sabine Dreher: 77 votes (ELECTED)
Erin Grosjean: 94 votes (ELECTED)
Soma Tripathi: 12 votes

Communications Committee (4 positions)

Merlin Charles: 13 votes
Devin Clancy: 96 votes (ELECTED)
Murray Cooke: 98 votes (ELECTED)
Firoza Elavia: 79 votes (ELECTED)
Johanna Fraser: 20 votes
Ryan Keplin: 51  votes (ELECTED)
Chris Luszczek: 15 votes

CUPE Toronto District Council Representatives (7 6 positions)

Positions will be contested at September GMM

Distribution Committee (6 positions)

Kyle Belozerov (ACCLAIMED)
Megan Hillman (ACCLAIMED)
Shila Khayambashi (ACCLAIMED)
Chris Luszczek (ACCLAIMED)

Employment Equity Committee (3 positions)

Merlin Charles: 9 votes
Elena Chou: 70 votes (ELECTED)
Firoza Elavia: 69 votes (ELECTED)
Johanna Fraser: 11 votes
Nadia Habib: 90 votes (ELECTED)
Zoë Newman: 47 votes

Extended Health Benefits Fund Committee (3 positions)

Drew Danielle Belsky: 72 votes (ELECTED)
Melanie Fallis: 13 votes
Niloofar Golkar: 54 votes (ELECTED)
Erin Grosjean: 50 votes
Nicole Leach: 34 votes
Chris Luszczek: 17 votes
Gin Marshall: 28 votes
Soma Tripathi: 7 votes
Thania Vega: 53 votes (ELECTED)

Health and Safety Committee (6 positions)

Chelsea Bauer: 101 votes (ELECTED)
Kyle Belozerov: 23 votes
Merlin Charles: 13 votes
Annelies Cooper: 85 votes (ELECTED)
Erin Grosjean: 94 votes (ELECTED)
Megan Hillman: 108 votes (ELECTED)
Nicole Leach: 83 votes (ELECTED)
Tracy Mack: 20 votes
M. Naeem Shahid: 11 votes
Sara Shamdani: 90 votes (ELECTED)

International Graduate Students’ Committee (2 positions)


Labour Management Committee (3 positions; 1 each for Unit 1, 2, 3)

Unit 1

Maija Duncan (ACCLAIMED)

Unit 2

Hilary Davis: 23 votes (ELECTED)
Firoza Elavia: 6 votes
Jon Short: 17 votes

Unit 3


Postings Officers (2 positions)

Kyle Belozerov: 17 votes
Heather Jordan: 33 votes
Chris Luszczek: 6 votes
Tracy Mack: 14 votes
David Ravensbergen: 81 votes (ELECTED)
Tracy Supruniuk: 81 votes (ELECTED)

Research Costs Fund Committee (2 positions)

Amber Merucci (ACCLAIMED)
Soma Tripathi (ACCLAIMED)

Research Leave Adjudicating Committee (1 position)

Keith O’Regan (ACCLAIMED)

Senate Representative (1 position; 1 alternate)

Wendy Chappel: 3 votes
Merlin Charles: 3 votes
Devin Clancy: 88 votes (ELECTED)
Heather Jordan: 21 votes (ELECTED ALTERNATE)
Mike McNamee: 2 votes
Tanya Taylor-Cherry: 7 votes

Stewards’ Council Listserv Moderators (2 positions)

Kyle Belozerov: 20 votes
Lindsay Harding: 53 votes (ELECTED)
Cody Lang: 52 votes
Joanna Pearce: 86 votes (ELECTED)

Teaching Development Fund Committee (2 positions)

Merlin Charles: 7 votes
Elena Chou: 14 votes (ELECTED)
Firoza Elavia: 8 votes
Zoë Newman: 11 votes
Keith O’Regan: 17 votes (ELECTED)
Krys Verrall: 10 votes

Toronto and York Region Labour Council Representatives (12 positions)

Kyle Belozerov (ACCLAIMED)
Nicole Leach (ACCLAIMED)
Chris Luszczek (ACCLAIMED)
Mike McNamee (ACCLAIMED)
Brian Mossop (ACCLAIMED)
Edward Wong (ACCLAIMED)

Union Trustees Committee (1 position)

Julie Allen: 27 votes
Zoë Newman: 7 votes
Tracy Supruniuk: 11 votes
Robin Verrall: 84 votes (ELECTED)

Unit 2 Listserv Moderator (2 positions)

Kyle Belozerov (ACCLAIMED)
Chris Luszczek (ACCLAIMED)