Bylaw Amendment Results

The following amendment to the bylaws was approved at the July 5 General Membership Meeting.

Add new (m) to Article 8: Executive Committee:

Further to article 14 on elections, the executive committee shall not have the authority to remove from office any executive committee member elected by the general membership. However, by a two-thirds majority, the executive committee may censure any one or more of its members for specific reasons, and any such decision, along with the names of the executive committee members voting for and against shall be recorded in the minutes as an executive committee motion. Abstentions will be recorded but will not count in the calculation of the two-thirds majority. By a similar vote, the executive committee may direct that a special membership meeting be called (as per article 15) to consider the recall of any executive committee officer except the chair(s) of the Trans Feminist Action Caucus. If the recall of the chairperson of the executive committee is at issue, a chief steward shall chair the special membership meeting. Recall of any executive committee member, except the chair(s) of the Trans Feminist Action Caucus, can also be initiated by the membership if a petition is signed by 150 members of the unit or units that elected the position in good standing or 25%, whichever is lower, calling for such action. Signatures will consist of name, department, unit number, employee number, and signature. Then, at a special membership meeting to consider the recall of an executive committee member, a two-thirds majority of those present (not counting abstentions) would be required to remove the member from office. In the event of a recall, nominations for the position would be opened and an election held as per article 14. Any officer elected in this manner would hold their position until the regular election in March.

Like all bylaw amendments, it will be sent to CUPE National for final approval.

Voting results

Yes: 55 votes
No: 19 votes