CUPE 3903 Reponse to Employer Unfair Labour Practice

On May 25, 2018, CUPE 3903 filed a response to the employer’s Unfair Labour Practice (ULP). This ULP is not based in legal fact, but premised on the employer’s ongoing strategy that precludes bargaining, as outlined in the introduction to the response:

This application by the Employer is an attempt to use the Board’s processes to force a result that the Employer has been unable to obtain in bargaining. The Employer has refused and continues to refuse to meet the Union to bargain, despite considerable moderations in the Unions’ proposals. The Employer has continued to set preconditions on bargaining and, when met with Union resistance to those preconditions — which include agreement to interest arbitration as well as proof that the Union is willing to move, essentially, to the Employer’s position — the Employer has now turned to the Board rather than meet the Union to discuss and bargain the remaining outstanding issues.

For more information, here are the full documents of the response: