May 24 Communications with the Employer

On Thursday, May 24, the CUPE 3903 bargaining team exchanged emails with the employer discussing the employer’s offer to meet. The CUPE 3903 bargaining team agreed to meet in the presence of a mediator, sending the two following messages:

11:24 AM:

The Union is in receipt of correspondence from Simon Mortimer this morning.

The Union’s Bargaining Team would be interested and willing to meet with the Employer to discuss the remaining issues outstanding between the parties, with a view to negotiating a resolution of outstanding issues where possible, and with a view to having the remaining issues outstanding in all bargaining units dealt with through mediation and interest arbitration. We can advise you that the Bargaining Team has the flexibility and the mandate to pursue these issues with the Employer including an interest arbitration solution, in order to move forward.

6:13 PM:

The union’s negotiating team is eager to meet to have a frank and forthright discussion on unit 2 specific issues. We are available tomorrow beginning at noon. We accept your offer for a mediator and a separate caucus room to work from.

As of Friday May 25, the employer is now refusing to meet, claiming that the union has rejected their offer. The union’s position is that we were clear that we are willing to meet with the employer and have at no point in time rejected any offer to meet.

The bargaining team, in consultation with legal counsel, is working on a strategic response.

The employer’s lengthy letters can be found on their website.