Poll Clerks Needed for Strike Mandate Vote

While we are getting ready for the Strike Mandate Vote and despite a good contribution of our members to help in the election, we still need more poll clerks in the following times/locations to fill our five polling stations. These positions are paid $15/hr and Only members of CUPE 3903 can apply:

Keele Campus Polling Stations:

Vari Hall Link: Jan. 22 from 8:45 to 14:30

William Small Centre:  

Jan. 22 from 8:45 to 13 and from 13 to 17:15

Jan. 23 from 8:45 to 13

Vanier College: Jan. 23 from 8:45 to 13

Mobile Station:

Jan. 24 and 25 from 13 to 17

If you are interested in working as a poll clerk, please email cupe3903vpu1@gmail.com

In your email, please briefly indicate:

  • the exact shift(s) that you can work (date, time, location)
  • your cell phone number,
  • whether you have any experience