January 10 GMM Election Results

Three elections were held at the January 10 General Membership Meeting: delegates to the Labour Notes Conference, Professional Development Fund representative, and Toronto and York Region Labour Council representative. The results are below.

Delegates to the Labour Notes Conference

Gizem Çakmak: 37 votes — elected
Sharon Henry: 39 votes — elected
Barbara Jackson: 5 votes
Andrij Kowalski: 18 votes
Tracy Lynn Mack: 7 votes
Steff Mendolia: 42 votes — elected
Michelle Milani: 27 votes — elected
Chantell Morais: 15 votes
Sara Shamdani: 29 votes — elected
Tai Vo: 15 votes
Maria Wallis: 28 votes — elected

Professional Development Fund Representative

Munjeera Jefford: 29 votes — elected
Kaitlin Peters: 5 votes
Onyii Udegbe: 11 votes

Toronto and York Region Labour Council Representative

Chantale-Helene Heese-Boutin: 8 votes
Rupi Minhas: 15 votes — elected