September Committee Elections

According to the bylaws, four committees are elected during the September General Membership Meeting:

  • Childcare Committee
  • Professional Development Fund Committee
  • Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee (Unit 2 only)
  • Ways and Means Committee

Position descriptions are below. If you would like to nominate yourself for any of these positions, email by 5 pm on September 26. Elections will be held for contested positions during the September 27 GMM.

Childcare Committee (4 positions)

The purpose of this committee is to facilitate the disbursement of Child Care Fund among CUPE 3903 members. Part of the work of this committee will be mobilizing members to apply for this fund, reaching out to all members with childcare needs, and inputting the data collected.

Honorarium: $250 per member per year.

Professional Development Fund Committee (3 positions – 1 Coordinator, 2 Representatives)

This Committee has three elected representatives: the PDF Coordinator, and two PDF Representatives. The PDF Coordinator administers the Professional Development Fund throughout the contract year in accordance with established guidelines, and is the primary contact person for members. One of the Coordinator’s tasks is to chair four meetings (September, January, March, and June). The purpose of each meeting is to adjudicate the distribution of PDF funds, the Teaching Development Fund, and the Tuition Costs Fund. The PDF Coordinator is also responsible for the actual disbursement of funds and for the general upkeep of the PDF account.

Honorarium: (for the PDF Coordinator) $1,500, paid in three equal installments during the year.
Honorarium: (for the PDF Representative): $200, paid out as $50 per meeting.

Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee (2 positions – Unit 2 only)

The Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee consists of two members from Unit 2.  This committee, working with YUFA, decides on allocation of the major and minor research grants, and on travel grants. There are 3 or 4 meetings per year. Most of the time requirement is in preparation for the meetings, since the files can be quite lengthy. Members of the committee are ineligible to apply for funds.

Honorarium: $500 per position per year.

Ways & Means Fund (3 positions)

This committee meets as often as is required to assess applications to the Ways and Means Fund and to disburse funds.

Honorarium: $1000 per member per year.