TFAC co-chairs statement on Body Blitz Spa exclusion of Trans Women

On June 9th, Body Blitz, a “women’s” only spa in Toronto, denied access to a Trans woman. In the response that followed it became clear that this is not the first time Body Blitz has discriminated against trans women; indeed their policy is to only allow particular types of women to use their services. The Trans Feminist Action Caucus of CUPE 3903 condemns this act as a form of transphobic discrimination and as a violation of human rights. Canada’s Bill C-16 prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

We understand that many members use Body Blitz as a form of self-care, but until it becomes an accessible and trans inclusive space, we call on CUPE 3903 members to boycott Body Blitz, unsubscribe from their mailing list, and leave them a comment about why you are doing so.

We consider Body Blitz as a transphobic space until they publicly apologize and change their policies to include all women.

To read more about this incident, please go to the following link.