Conversions and Long Service Teaching Appointments 2017-18

Conversion into full-time faculty positions and Long Service Teaching Appointments (LSTAs) are available to Unit 2 (contract faculty) members as per the collective agreement. There are 8 conversions (4 Professorial Stream and 4 Alternate Stream) and 7 LSTAs this year.

We would like to congratulate the members who have received these appointments:

Conversion Appointments

Professorial Stream

Jessica Li, DLLL, LA&PS
J. Dolmaya McDonough, Translation, Glendon
Andrea Medovarsky, Humanities, LA&PS
Alexandra Widmer, Anthropology, LA&PS

Alternate Stream

Paul Baxter, Social Science, LA&PS
Marlene Bernholtz, Writing, LA&PS
Gordana Colby, Economics, LA&PS
Constantine (Gus) Kandilas, Kinesiology, Health

Long Service Teaching Appointments

Paul Brienza, Equity Studies, LA&PS
Jennifer Duncan, English, LA&PS
Michel Guidigbi, French Studies, Glendon College
Tanja Juric, Social Science, LA&PS
Sirvan Karimi, SPPA, LA&PS
Roxaneh Naghshi, French Studies, LA&PS
Igor Poliakov, Math and Stats, Science