Proposed Bylaw Amendment for the April GMM

At the March 2017 AGM, a Bylaw amendment was given notice around executive honoraria. This post is intended to let the membership know about the proposal in advance to give the membership ample time to consider the suggested changes. Bylaw amendments require a 2/3 vote.

Here is the text of the proposed bylaw amendment. The strike-though text indicates cuts, the underlined text indicates additions:

Article 8 (k): Executive Honoraria

(k) Each member of the Executive Committee shall make a report of their activities to the general membership, in writing and communicated through union channels, and in person at General Membership Meetings, one (1) time per month. Monthly honoraria for Executive service will only be released by the Treasurer upon receipt of these reports. and by the Recording Secretary and after they were presented to the general membership. Additionally, monthly honoraria for Executive service will only be released after these reports are made available to the general membership, with exception of TFAC where monthly reports be presented and made available to the TFAC membership.