Executive Committee, Unit 2 BT, and TFAC Election Results

Voting for the contested executive committee positions, as well as the Unit 2 bargaining team (BT) run-off, closed at 5 pm on Wednesday, March 22. Voting for the positions of Trans Feminist Action Caucus (TFAC) Co-Chairs closed at 4 pm on Wednesday, March 22. The results of all of these elections are found below. New members of the Executive Committee will take office on April 1. The new BT member will take office immediately.

Executive Committee Elections

Recording Secretary

Dan O’Hara: 117
Gizem Çakmak: 69
Spoiled ballots: 10

Total ballots: 196

Chief Steward Unit 1*

Karl Gardner: 60
Harjot Deol Singh: 54
Spoiled ballots: 9

Total ballots: 123

*Neither candidate won more than 50% of total votes cast; therefore, a run-off election must be held.

Chief Steward Unit 4

Joanne Wadden: 5
Nina Pinakamaganda:1

Total ballots: 6

Unit 2 BT Run-Off

Maria Wallis: 35
Waseem Malik: 34

Total ballots: 69

TFAC Co-Chairs Elections (2 positions)

Nicole Leach: 24
Niloofar Golkar: 23
Parbattie Ramsarran: 8

Spoiled ballots: 1

Total ballots: 31