Bargaining Team Meeting Report – March 7

The Bargaining Team (BT) for Units 1, 2, and 3 met for the second time on Tuesday, March 7.

Point Person
Bargaining Team Training
Bargaining Surveys
Bargaining Survey Distribution

Point Person

At the suggestion of staff, we nominated a point person that will help coordinate communications and outreach to staff, the executive committee and membership.

The point person does not have any rank above other members of the bargaining team and just works as a point of contact.

Murray Cooke nominated himself for this position and the rest of the bargaining team voted on that unanimously.

The first task of the point person was to create a google group that includes members of the bargaining team and staff.

Bargaining Team Training

Building off of what we talked about last meeting, we reiterated the need to complete bargaining training with CUPE national.

Murray has been in contact with our national representative about setting up this training.

National would need at least 10 people to run the training with us and we are looking to have the training take place after March 22nd once we have the full bargaining team elected.

Bargaining Surveys

We reviewed drafts of the unit 1 and unit 2 surveys and talked about having them ready for the AGM.

We also talked about the point of the survey; we recognized that the survey has two purposes:

  1. The first being that the survey gives the membership a chance to vocalize the issues that they feel should be bargaining priorities and
  2. Bargaining surveys can be used to measure participation and help with mobilization.

We hope to have the surveys ready for the AGM so that the responses can be used to give the bargaining team some guidance on what issues we have to research over the summer and we recognized that we have to capitalize on people being on campus before the term ends so that we do not get stuck waiting on input until September.

The bargaining team also recognizes that this initial survey can be improved upon over the summer based on feedback from the membership on this initial survey.

We also talked about coming out with surveys that focus on specific aspects of our collective agreement such as health care or discrimination.

Bargaining Survey Distribution

The bargaining team will continue to work to have the survey prepared for the AGM.

We hope to have paper copies ready to be filled out at the AGM so that we can have feedback on the survey before we put it online.

Unit 1 will be organizing contract workshops where we host a departmental lunch.

Unit 2 recognizes that town halls are a good place but that the members in attendance are already mobilized so the need to explore how to reach out to members of unit 2 that aren’t as mobilized or active in union spaces.

Next Meeting: Monday March 13, 2017: 2:30 to prepare paper copies of surveys for AGM