Updates to the office: Lost and found, minutes, and other resources

Exciting updates have been made to the office that you, yes you!, should know about.

Alongside our new recycling station, we have a new box for lost and found items. It will be emptied once an month, at which point the objects left are first come, first serve.

The Lost and Found box, alongside the new recycling center.

Some binders of GMM and executive minutes have been moved to the shelves above the member’s computer. These binders are here so member’s have access to the minutes of our various meetings. If you are interested in reading up on the history of the local, here is a place to start!

The binders are located above the computer, which is also available for members to use for union work.

A bookshelf has been moved to make other meeting minutes, such as Stewards’ Council, and other resources more available to members as well. This bookshelf is located next to the supplies closet.

Feel free to read and borrow books, magazines, and other publications from the office. These resources are available for you!

Moving this bookshelf has also opened up more space in 143D, the largest meeting room in our office. With the bookshelf out of the way, more space has been opened for CUPE 3903 archive materials, such as past t-shirts and other paraphernalia.

The tvs in the office have also been set up with an instructional poster to guide you in how to use them, such as using them for a Skype meeting, powerpoint, etc.

We hope this changes will make CUPE office resources more accessible.