LSTA and Conversion Programs 2016-2017 Deadlines

Members of Unit 2 are encouraged to become acquainted with the following deadlines for the Long Service Teaching Appointments (LSTA) and the Conversion program.

Call Announced to Deans Wednesday November 30, 2016 Wednesday November 30, 2016
Hiring Unit/Member to submit application to Dean** Monday January 30, 2017 Friday February 3, 2017
Deans provide Recommendations to  the Provost Friday March 10, 2017 Wednesday March 15, 2017
Provost’s Announcement to the York Community Friday April 7, 2017 Friday April 7, 2017
Appointment begins Friday September 1, 2017 Saturday July 1, 2017

**Please note that the deadline for applicants to submit to hiring units has been left to the determination of the hiring unit. Please consult the relevant hiring unit(s) for their internal deadline if you are planning to apply to the hiring unit. For LSTA renewals the deadline to submit applications to the hiring units is 31st January 2017.