Committee Election and Bylaw Amendment Results

During the November 25 General Membership Meeting, committee election and bylaw amendment votes were held by closed ballots. The results of those votes are below.

Committee Elections

Ways and Mean Committee (3 positions)

Hossein Banitabaei: 19 votes
Tracy Mack: 17 votes
Johanna May Black: 14 votes
Sujanthan Sriskandarajah: 13 votes
Kyle Belozerov: 11 votes
Evelyn Kissi: 11 votes

Posting officer (1 position)

Kyle Belozerov: 16 votes
Tracy Mack: 15 votes

Senate Rep (Alternate) (1 position)

Rupi Minhas: 17
Julie Allen: 12

Professional Development Fund Committee

Rob Leblanc – acclaimed
Rupi Minhas – acclaimed

Professional Development Fund Coordinator

Michael Laurentius – acclaimed

Toronto and York Labour Region Council

Denis Adigamov – acclaimed

Joint Health and Safety Committee

Iouldouz Raguimov – acclaimed

Bylaw Amendments

Article 8 (k): Executive Honoraria

Yes: 20
No: 4

Text of the amendment:

(k) Each member of the Executive Committee shall make a report of their activities to the general membership, in writing and communicated through union channels, and in person at General Membership Meetings, one (1) time per month. Monthly honoraria for Executive service will only be released by the Treasurer upon receipt of these reports, and by the Recording Secretary and after they were presented to the general membership.

Article 10: Election Committee

Yes: 24
No: 2

Text of the amendment:

(iii) There shall be a base honoraria of $750 to conduct the annual Executive elections. An additional $500 shall be added to the honoraria for the election of the Bargaining Team. For each subsequent by-election throughout the year, $150 shall be added to the honoraria. The dates and the duration of each by-election shall be included in the committee report.