Committee Vacancies

The activity of union committees, caucuses and working groups is essential to the success of CUPE 3903. Committee members help enforce and implement the gains that the local has made in past rounds of collective bargaining. Getting involved in a committee is a great way to contribute to the local and meet other members.

There are currently several committee vacancies. They will be elected at the November 25 GMM. In order to nominate yourself, please email Sara at by 5 pm on Thursday, November 24. You may provide a short statement if you choose. Details for the open committee positions are below.

The Accessibility Committee (2 vacancies) was organized in 2005 to improve the Union’s work on accessibility issues at York University and to ensure that Union spaces and meetings are accessible. Four members are elected for a one-year term. Honorarium: $250 per year per member.

The Communications Committee (1 vacancy) is responsible for coordinating CUPE 3903 communications, including maintaining and updating the CUPE 3903 website, maintaining a social media presence, and taking on communications projects and campaigns. The Communications Committee meets at least once per month. Honorarium: $750 per year.

The Health and Safety Committee (1 vacancy) has six representatives. They act as advocates for members on all health and safety matters, investigate accidents and work stoppages involving our members, inspect the entire workplace annually, meet with management every two months to discuss all of the above, and make sure everything is followed up. Honorarium: there is no direct honorarium, although the employer sets aside money annually to pay committee members an hourly wage for work done, paid at the marker/grader rate.

The Labour-Management Committee  (1 vacancy UNIT 3 ONLY) consists of one representative from each Unit. This committee meets with management about once a month and is charged with facilitating the implementation and interpretation of the Collective Agreements. Honorarium:  $750 per position per year.

The Posting Officers (1 vacancy) review all job postings for conformity with the Collective Agreements (e.g., qualifications required and preferred by the employer, description of duties, pay rate). Where postings do not conform with the Collective Agreements, the Postings Officers discusses them with the Employer’s postings officer to attempt to remedy the situation. If discussion does not result in a prompt remedy, the Postings Officer initiates grievances through the Grievance Committee and/or Stewards’ Council. Honorarium: $2,500 per member per year.

The PDF Coordinator (1 vacancy) administers the Professional Development Fund (PDF) throughout the contract year in accordance with established guidelines, and is the primary contact person for members. One of the Coordinator’s tasks is to chair four meetings (September, January, March, and June). The purpose of each meeting is to adjudicate the distribution of PDF funds, the Teaching Development Fund, and the Tuition Costs Fund. The PDF Coordinator is also responsible for the actual disbursement of funds and for the general upkeep of the PDF account. The PDF Coordinator is also a member of the Center for the Support of Teaching (CST) Executive Board, and is CUPE 3903’s primary and ongoing connection to the CST. Honorarium: $1,500, paid in three equal installments during the year.

The PDF Committee (2 vacancies) attend four meetings a year (September, January, March, and June) to adjudicate the distribution of PDF funds, the Teaching Development Fund, and the Tuition Costs Fund. Honorarium: $200, paid out as $50 per meeting.

The Senate Representative (1 vacancy – alternate rep) represents the interests of CUPE 3903 at the York University Senate. This body includes representatives from all faculties, librarians, students, and other unions, and usually meets once a month. CUPE 3903 has one seat, elected for a one-year term.