CSSP Eligibility List – Application Deadline November 7

**Due to technical difficulties, the CSSP deadline has been extended to November 7**

Please consult the 2016-17 Continuing Sessional Status Programme (CSSP) eligibility list from the employer for the upcoming CSSP application round. CSSP blanket applications are due on November 7, 2016.

As per the Unit 2 Collective Agreement (Art. 12 CSSP section, p. 33), the employer is required to provide us with this eligibility list on Oct. 1st, so that members have an opportunity to address any list anomalies.

If you think you should be included in the eligibility list, but your name is not listed, please contact Rob Lawson (rlawson@yorku.ca) in the Faculty Relations Office. The CSSP eligibility criteria are as follows: you need to have taught an average annual minimum of 2.0 over the past three years. That is, when you add up all of the teaching you have done in the past three years, your total needs to be at least 6.0, even if you have some years when you taught less than 2.0. As an example, if you taught 1.5, 1.5, and then 3.0, your average annual minimum would be 2.0 (total of 6 divided by 3 years = 2.0 average).

Very important notes:

1) Even if you were in the CSSP last year (2015-16), you still need to submit a blanket application on Nov. 7 to be considered for positions in the summer 2017 and fall/winter 2017-18 sessions.

2) In order to be eligible for the CSSP Guarantee or “payout,” in the event that you end up receiving less than your past 5 year average amount of work, you need to adhere to the following:

2a) Continue to apply to the same department(s) that you have in the past, even if you do not expect to get work in that department (maintaining your “historical application profile”). Make sure to keep good records of the application receipts you receive from departments.

2b) Be mindful of turning down work that is offered to you, as this might be used by the employer down the road to deny you a CSSP payout, if you ever find yourself in that situation. If you do turn down work (there could be any number of reasons for doing so), I would advise writing and keeping a short justification for possible future reference.

The employer has been stalling on our repeated requests for a Labour Management Committee (LMC) meeting, where we need to review all of the elements in 2) above.

Finally, there are 432 members on the 2016-17 CSSP eligibility list, which is an increase of 98 members (or about 29% from 334 CSSP members in 2015-16).