Update on Employment Equity Work

This is a membership update from the union-side of the CUPE 3903/York Employment Equity Committee (EEC). While the pace of implementing some of the new EE-specific language won in the strike for the 2014/17 collective agreements (CA) has been a bit slow, as has negotiating a second EE plan, we wanted to give a report on where we are at in our efforts. Here are some highlights:

>> Self-ID forms are coming out again soon by email. But don’t wait until then – fill out Self-ID form and send it to boodram@yorku.ca (Annette Boodram is the York U EE Officer). Even if you choose not to Self-ID, it is really important to be able to count it as sent.

>> Consultations with members on the addition of LGBTQ self-ID categories led to an improved form for York employees as a whole.

There are a host of technical issues that have a sloth-like resolution pace for getting this data entered and counted. We seem to be seeing them resolved.

>> Our negotiations with the Employer on the “plan for the inclusion” (in article 5.03.1) of LGBTQ-identified members as EE groups in the CA and EE Plan, are being done in tandem with those of “the application of intersectionality data” (new to 5.03 in 14/17).

For example, we are on the cusp of having the first Self-ID Data report with the original 4 EE groups plus the LGBTQ ones as well. This report will not only give us our first picture of LGBTQ inclusion in our bargaining units; it will also enhance existing intersectionality data.

To give you a sense of the importance of this, in the 2014/15 year there was a 67% return rate of Self-ID forms for U2 (highest ever – please keep it up!). A snapshot of that data shows:

— 49% women
— 19% racialized people
— 8% racialized women

This quantitative data helps us make equity changes, in the Plan and in bargaining. EE plans are supposed to substantively address under-representation. So, we continue to push for incorporating the available GTA comparison data in the reporting as well.

We also brought forward to the Employer the YUFA gains in the last round of bargaining, which incorporate some intersectional orientation to hiring. We have asked them how they see such considerations applying to 3903 in the future (as per what 3903 tabled in bargaining for the 14/17 round but was not agreed to). We await a response!

>> Disability Accommodation processes and timelines are an ongoing issue. We think we’re in the final stages of York developing a clear who-must-do-what flow chart.

As usual, it will take bargaining to make any more meaningful gains in EE initiatives. We are laying some good groundwork to help with that.

Any questions, let us know. Drop by the office or drop the Equity Officer, Sheila Wilmot, an email at cupe3903.equity.officer@gmail.com.