Nominations for VP Unit 3 Open

The Vice-President Unit 3 position has been declared vacant. Following the provisions set out in Article 14 of the bylaws, the nomination period for this position will be opened for by-election at the August 31 GMM. The nomination period will close on September 14, 5 pm.

Nomination forms must be completed in accordance with Article 14.l of our bylaws:

(b) Nomination for any position must be signed by the nominee and by two additional members in good standing and addressed to the election officers. Nominations must be brought to the union office during the nominations period. Each nominee must also record his/her nomination by signing the register that is to be publicly displayed next to the nomination box.
(c) Only members in good standing can be nominated and no member may sign more than one (1) nomination for his/her own candidacy in the same nomination and election period.
(d) If at the end of the nomination period only one (1) candidate is nominated, the executive, on the advice of the elections officers, shall declare the position filled by acclamation.

Please note that both the candidate and the members who sign the nomination form must be Unit 3 members in good standing.

Following the same timeline as the Grievance Officer by-election, a minimum of two weeks of campaigning will follow the nomination period. Voting will begin at the September GMM, which is tentatively scheduled for September 28.