Update on the Continuing Sessional Standing Program (CSSP)

CSSP Guarantee

At the August 18 Labour Management Committee (LMC), we received clarification from Rob Lawson in Faculty Relations with respect to the Continuing Sessional Standing Program (CSSP) Guarantee, or payout for those members who received less work in the 2015-16 contract year than their previous five-year average. As per the Unit 2 Collective Agreement, Art. 12.01 (“Guarantee” section), the eligibility criteria for the 2016 payout are as follows:

  1. CSSP-eligible members must have participated in the CSSP by submitting a CSSP blanket application by the Nov. 1, 2015 deadline.
  2. Members must have had a minimum average of 2.0 Type 1 (or equivalent) positions in the previous five contract years.
  3. Members must have received 2/3rds or less work in 2015-16 than their previous five-year average
  4. Members must “apply” for the payout (the “upon application” phrase in the “Guarantee” section) (see below)

Based on the above, Faculty Relations has calculated that 31 CSSP members out of the 334 current members in the CSSP pool are eligible to receive the Guarantee. There are 18 Unit 2 members who qualify for the CSSP under criteria 2) and 3) above, but who did not submit a CSSP blanket application.

Rob Lawson will contacting these 31 Guarantee-eligible members individually by email over the next two weeks. In order to meet the application criterion (4), members need only respond to this email.

We are expecting that this contact and response process will be completed by Sept. 10th at the latest, which is the last date to submit payroll requests. Thus, payout-eligible members should receive their payout in York’s Sept. 25th, 2016 payroll.

We will also be receiving from Faculty Relations the full list of CSSP members, including those who are eligible for the payout, for our review.

CSSP Postings Summary for Winter 2016

A summary of CSSP postings, including a breakdown of the number and percentages of CSSP postings out of total postings (from January-May 2016) per department, is available here.

Overall, there were just under 600 CSSP postings in Winter 2016, out of a total of just over 2400 postings. CSSP postings work out to 24% of total postings in the time frame. Considering that some departments posted few or no CSSP courses, this result requires an ongoing discussion.