Your Input Needed: Survey on Exam Space

Worker members of the CUPE 3903 Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) have had ongoing discussions with York regarding the assignment of space during the examination period. While some progress has been made over the years, many members still feel the rooms they’ve been assigned for exams are unsafe. We are again pushing for changes from the employer and want to represent your views and needs as accurately as possible.

Please follow the link and complete the questions (as many or as few as you like) and encourage your fellow CUPE 3903 members to do so as well. The survey can be found at: Exam Space Survey.

Feedback from all units is welcome

No identifiable information will be shared with the employer and this form can be filled out anonymously. If you do wish to report a particular incident regarding exams or any other safety issue in a way that identifies you so that we can follow up personally please email or contact the CUPE3903 office and they will forward the message.