Unit 4 Bargaining Update #10

On Friday, June 24, the bargaining team met with the employer to continue bargaining Unit 4’s (part-time librarians and archivists) first collective agreement.

The employer discussed the CUPE 3903 Academic Freedom article in regard to existing guidelines for University e-mail.  Subsequently, our Article regarding Academic Freedom was agreed upon.

The Employer also offered a proposal for the article regarding Formal Evaluation.  It was noted that our contract heretofore did not include an Informal Evaluation article. It was agreed that this article should be added to the contract by both sides.  After some discussion, CUPE representatives and Unit 4 members countered with slightly modified articles for the Informal and Formal Evaluation process.  These were agreed upon.

We are now closing in on the substantive articles of our Collective Agreement: Roles and Responsibilities, Postings, and Compensation.

At present, no bargaining dates are scheduled.  We will soon receive proposed dates from the Department of Faculty Relations.  Watch for these dates on the Unit 4 page.