Trans Fund Deadline May 31

CUPE 3903 has a fund available to members from the broadest diversity of gender identifications and orientations, including but not limited to gender queer, transsexual, gender variant, intersex, and transgender.
Current CUPE 3903 members are encouraged to apply to the fund for any trans* related necessities and surgeries. Please see the application form for possible items covered.The Trans Fund will be administered three times a year (May 31, Sept. 30, Jan. 31) except in emergency situations where members can apply to the committee on an on going basis.

Members can draw on this fund to an annual maximum of $5000 and a lifetime maximum of $15,000. Priority will be given to first time applicants. Provided applicants were members at the time expenses were incurred, applications for past expenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Members whose previous claims were adjudicated by Ways and Mens will also be reconsidered. If the total expense of a members claim has not been met, they can reapply in subsequent years.

How to Apply: Application forms can be downloaded from the 3903 website.

Click on ‘Trans Fund Application’ under ‘Useful forms and documents’ or go here: