TTCriders want YOUR stories

At the April GMM members voted to donate $1,000 to the TTCriders non-profit organization. TTCriders reps have written asking to deliver “a BIG THANKYOU to CUPE 3903’s membership for approving the donation request” adding that “the money will help pay for literature, buttons etc… as we build toward a Low-Income Pass rally at City Hall May 31st.”

Now, TTCriders wants to hear your story about taking transit, for instance descriptions of crushing expenses, or needing to pay twice for a single trip thanks to municipal boundaries. They’d especially like to hear the transit stories of students at York University, the commuter school of the region.


This year two important transit decisions are being made that will have a huge impact on folks living on a low income (low income being $22,000 or less). One is a decision by Toronto City Council whether or not to approve a Low-Income Pass for the TTC, which is scheduled for June. The other is the decision about how to restructure transit fares with the implementation of the new Presto Card system late this year.

TTCriders is pushing for a Low-Income Pass and is opposed to any kind of fare-by-distance or fare-by-speed-of-transit system (which is currently being floated) because many on a low income live far from their school or workplace. We reject a transit system that would eliminate flat-rate fares within Toronto and see higher fares for using subways compared to buses.

Publicizing your story through TTCriders can help us build public support for these demands. To get involved email Cindy Loch-Drake ( or for more info go to