SGMM on Tuition Offset Arbitration – Rescheduled

A pink sign in the snow reads "Education is a right! Keep tuition indexation".

A pink sign in the snow reads “Education is a right! Keep tuition indexation”.

The Special General Membership Meeting on Tuition Offset Arbitration which was scheduled for March 24 had to be rescheduled because of a weather-related university closure. Please join on on Monday, April 4, 12pm in 109 Atkinson. There will be lunch!

Our first arbitration date was in December. Since then, we have been preparing submissions and arguments for our next arbitration date, which is scheduled for April 5.

As discussed at the Annual General Meeting, the union has received a settlement offer from the employer. While the offer was wholly inadequate at the time of the AGM, the executive will raise the union’s concerns with the employer. Any updates on the employer’s offer will be presented at this SGMM. Based on these updates, as a membership, we will need to decide on our next steps. This is a serious decision, which will have a profound effect on the Unit 1 and Unit 3 collective agreements. This SGMM is intended as a space in which to discuss and make decisions on the union’s position regarding arbitration.