Reminder: Vote in the 2016-17 Executive Elections!

A hand places a ballot in a ballot box.

Voting for the 2016 Executive Committee elections is now underway! The polls will be open on March 18th and March 21st – 23rd. On Keele Campus, voting hours are 9am to 5pm, and 11am to 3pm at Glendon.

Keele polling stations:

  • Vari Hall Link, between Vari Hall and Central Square
  • William Small Centre, behind the Tim Horton’s

Glendon polling station:

  • Outside the cafeteria, across from York Hall Room 170

Everyone who has a contract in the 2015/2016 academic year is eligible to vote, as are political members (who retain their membership for 12 months following the date of their last contract). Each voter must provide some form of photo identification.

Candidate Statements will be available at the polling stations.