An Important Message About Employment Equity

CUPE 3903 sits on a joint Employment Equity Committee with York. One of the many things the Union does there is make sure the Employer is carrying out its CA obligations to collect employment equity-group “Self ID” data.

To that end, you should have been sent a direct email from Annette Boodram on Feb. 8/16 with the heading “New” Employment Equity Self-ID Survey. The form, which is in the body of that email, needed to be filled out and returned to Annette.

To date the response rate is only 5%. This seems to be due to a combination of members not filling it out for different reasons (including technical problems), members not receiving it, and/or members being confused about the different forms the Employer has floating around (because different bargaining units are still working out amendments to the form with York).

So, please help us! If you can simply fill that form out and get it back to Annette, that would be great! But, if you cannot fill it out in the body of the email for some technical reason or you did not get that Feb. 8/16 email, please advise Sheila Wilmot, CUPE 3903 Equity Officer right away, at

Thank you,

CUPE 3903 EE Committee members