Vacancy on the Executive Committee Filled

On January 4, it was announced that the position of Recording Secretary was vacant due to resignation. Considering the timing of the general elections for the executive committee in February-March, the Elections Officers strongly recommended that the Executive pro-tem a Recording Secretary until the general elections.

Article 14 V. (b) of the bylaws reads:

By a simple majority vote the executive may fill a vacancy on a pro tem basis with any member in good standing. Such vacancies must be posted in the union office at least two weeks prior to the executive meeting where the vacancy is to be filled. Executive positions filled on a pro tem basis must be advertised as open positions for the agenda of the next general membership meeting where nominations will be opened and elections held as per Section II. of the present article. Executive Committee members may only hold one (1) position on the Executive Committee.

Nominations were open for two weeks, from January 4 to January 18. Four candidates put their name forward: Hazel Gashoka, Tracey Mann, Hawa Y Mire, and Deidre Walton. The vote was held at the January 18 Executive Committee meeting, and Hazel Gashoka was pro temmed as Recording Secretary.

Nominations to permanently fill these positions will open at the same time as the nomination period for the general elections.