Additional Strike Pay!

All Unit 1 and 3 members who participated in the strike before and after day 10 are eligible to receive a $120 strike bonus. These cheques are now available in the union office, 143 Atkinson. We will also be bringing them to all upcoming union meetings, including the January GMM. Please help spread the word, so everyone can get their additional strike pay.

If you are no longer a member and away from Toronto, or are unsure if there is a cheque waiting for you, please contact me at There is no application for this additional pay.

This money was made available following a very successful strike reconciliation meeting at the CUPE National Convention in Vancouver last month. At this meeting we were able to secure almost $300,000 in additional National Strike Fund financing, including the money for this additional pay we failed to collect at the conclusion of the strike. We are also still discussing the possibility of support from National to help cover some of the “strike aversion” costs associated with our advertising campaign in the lead up to the strike.

I want to express my gratitude to the membership for approving our plan to address strike finances at last May’s GMM. I am very relieved and happy to announce that it worked, and that our strike fund is already healthy enough to establish a credible strike threat whenever needed.


Graeme Reniers – Treasurer