Committee Vacancies Filled

At the September 29 General Membership Meeting, many outstanding committee vacancies were filled by closed ballot. The winners are below. For more information on all of the local’s committees, see the committees page.

Accessibility Committee (1 vacancy):
Nancy Ghuman
Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic Relations (1 vacancy):
Michael Fraschetti
Archive Committee (1 vacancy):
Mathieu Brûlé
Distribution Committee (2 vacancies):
Rotem Erez, Kyle Belozerov
Employment Equity Committee (1 vacancy):
Sujanthan Sriskandarajah
Extended Health Benefits Committee (1 vacancy):
Niloofar Golkar
Professional Development Fund Committee (2 vacancies):
Muhammad Raza Sajjad, Waseem Malik
Professional Development Fund Coordinator (1 vacancy):
Nicole Leach
Toronto and York Region Labour Council (1 vacancy):
Steven Dolk
Ways and Means Committee (3 vacancies):
Esery Mondesi, Parbattie Ramsarran, Hawa Y Mire