Nominations for Vice-President Unit 3 Are Now Open!

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

On July 8, the resignation of the Vice-President Unit 3 was announced. On July 22, the position was temporarily filled on a pro-tem basis. By-elections to permanently fill the position for the 2015-16 term have now begun.

Nominations will close on September 15. If the position is contested, a campaigning period of two weeks will follow. Balloting will begin at the September 29 GMM and continue for a week.

Nomination forms are available in the CUPE 3903 office, 143 Atkinson.

All members of Unit 3 in good standing may be nominated. In order to be nominated, members must:

  • Clearly sign and date their nomination form
  • Have it signed and dated by two other members in good standing
  • Deposit it into the nomination box at the CUPE 3903 office before Tuesday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Clearly sign and date the nomination register in front of the nomination box

For more information, please contact the Election Officers at

The nomination and election of Executive Committee members is governed by the bylaws of CUPE 3903, available here.