May 21st Action: Video

On Thursday, May 21, many members who were at the Solidarity BBQ opted to walk up to Faculty Relations and the Faculty of Graduate Studies to protest the employer’s blatant misinterpretation of the tuition offset provisions of our collective agreements. The fact that the employer appears to be dragging its feet on scheduling a meeting with our Labour Management Committee was another reason the membership decided to target those particular administrative bodies.

The employer is adamant that they do desire to meet with us. Yet, no meeting has been scheduled.

Would you like to be part of actions like these in the future? There are a wide range of actions that can be taken. International students who are impacted by tuition fee increases should appeal their offset funding (you have until June 19th to do so), demanding to know what was counted towards their offset. All members could join us on Thursday for another action, attend Stewards’ Council, or just keep an eye out for announcements.