CUPE 3903 BBQ and Collective Action a Resounding Success

Members walk towards the FGS lobby.

Members walk towards the FGS lobby.

On May 21st, the Stewards’ Council held its Solidarity BBQ on the lawn in front of Atkinson building. Many members came to enjoy the food and company – so much so that we had to send someone out for more burgers! Thank you to all who attended, and we hope to see those of you who couldn’t make it at our next event.

BBQ plotting

Several members sit and stand outside during a BBQ, discussing strategies of resistance.

This event was a great opportunity to discuss the employer’s misinterpretation of our tuition offset language in regards to international students, and the employer’s stalling tactics in regards to scheduling a Labour Management Committee meeting. At the close of the discussion, roughly 30 members opted to take an impromptu march up to Faculty Relations. Barry Miller, executive director of Faculty Relations, refused to see us, and so we moved on to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. After a short occupation of the space outside the FGS offices, two members were allowed inside to meet with an Associate Dean.

Despite being told repeatedly that collective action was not “the proper channels” with which to secure a meeting, CUPE 3903 received word from Barry Miller this morning. We have received a commitment that our information request will be answered at the latest by Monday, and that a meeting will be set up.

This is only the beginning. The employer clearly expects that they can stall until our members scatter for the summer holidays. We will not let them. We must keep the pressure on to protect the gains of our new collective agreements.

We will post more detailed information as soon as we can.