Update on Strike Pay

Can you help distribute cheques next week? Please see below.

The executive committee is in the process of developing a master list of an accurate account of strike pay (who has been paid what, and what people should be paid). This list would include all strike related duties and present the total number of hours and pay in one comprehensive document. Creating this list requires the re-entry of all picket pay forms in a standardized and detailed manner (including 8th line forms), compilation of partial pay requests and other accommodation needs. As of now, no such list exists.

This work also requires the re-cataloguing of strike discrepancy forms. Such forms cannot be properly adjudicated until there is an accurate list of all strike related duties and pay requirements. A lack of such a list has been the cause of delay in addressing strike discrepancy forms. Once this work is completed, requests can be addressed in a fairly short amount of time.

This project also requires checking all strike related email accounts, which have been left largely unattended, to properly account for such member requests.

A thorough accounting of strike finances is also required for reconciliation with CUPE National to ensure that our local would be reimbursed to the fullest extend possible and remain in good financial health.

Because this work needs to be completed to properly address pay discrepancies, we are instituting a temporary moratorium on strike related pay. Cheques already processed will still be available, and we will still be accepting strike pay discrepancy forms.

If you are in possession of an incorrect strike payroll cheque, please return it to the union office (143 Atkinson Building) at your earliest convenience. We need a physical copy of these cheques to get the money back from the payroll company.

We are in communication with CUPE National about specified timelines for reconciliation and 8th line documentation (i.e., documents that are needed for the local to be reimbursed). If you have any questions about 8th line documentation, please contact our equity officer Sheila Wilmot at cupe3903.equity.officer@gmail.com.

In good news, the strike hardship fund adjudication has been completed. The Secretary Treasurer (Graeme Reniers) will contact recipients next week with a timeline for distribution.

The next batch of cheques for the 8th line (and some other corrected cheques) will be available for pick up starting Monday (May 11th). We need a few volunteers to be in the union office to help with cheque pick-up from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Wednesday this upcoming week. If you are available to volunteer, please inform Graeme (sectreasurer3903@gmail.com). Other cheques that have already been processed will also be available for pick up. If you require your cheque to be mailed, please send your name and full address to Graeme.

We apologize for the lengthy delays members have experienced. With this process in place, we should finally be able to complete the process of paying members for strike related activities.