Call for nominations for committee elections

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The following committee positions will be filled at the Annual General Meeting on April 22:

  • Accessibility Committee: 4 positions ($250/year)
  • 2) 2 people to moderate the Unit 2 listserve (no honorarium yet)
    3) 2 people to moderate the Stewards Council listserve (no honorarium yet)
  • Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic Relations, Discrimination, and/or Harassment: 2 positions, one will serve as joint-chair ($250/year)
  • All-University Pension Committee: 1 position ($250/year)
  • Archive Committee: 2 curators ($750/year)
  • Bursaries Committee: 2 members ($400/year); please note: members of the committee are ineligible for bursaries they adjudicate
  • Communications Committee: 1 newsletter co-ordinator, 1 web coordinator ($500/year)
  • CUPE Ontario Convention, Toronto, May 27 to 30: 12 delegates – UPDATED
  • CUPE Toronto District Council: 7 positions ($250/year)
  • Distribution Committee: 6 positions ($50 per diem, approximately once a month)
  • Elections Committee: 2 positions ($750/year)
  • Employment Equity Committee: 3 members, 1 will serve as joint chair ($250/year)
  • Extended Health Benefits Committee: 3 positions ($1,500/year)
  • Health & Safety Committee: 6 positions (Employer pays hourly wage at marker/grader rate for all work completed)
  • International Graduate Students’ Committee: 2 positions ($250/year, helps to administer $5,000 budget)
  • Labour-Management Committee: 3 positions, one from each unit ($750/year)
  • Postings Officers: 2 positions ($2,500/year)
  • Professional Development Fund: 1 coordinator, 2 regular members; please note: this committee is elected at the September General Membership Meeting
  • Research Costs Fund Committee: 2 positions for full-time graduate students from Unit 1 ($250/year)
  • Research Grants Fund & Travel Costs Fund: 2 positions ($500/year); please note: members of the committee are ineligible to apply for these funds
  • Research Leave Adjudicating Committee: 1 participant/observer position, Unit 2 ($250/year)
  • Senate Representative: 1 position ($250/year)
  • Stewards’ Council Listserv moderators: 2 positions (honoraria to be determined) – UPDATED
  • Teaching Development Fund Committee: 2 positions, Unit 2 ($250/year)
  • Toronto & York Region Labour Council Representatives: 4 positions ($250/year)
  • Union Trustees Committee: 1 position, 3-year term ($1,000/year)
  • Unit Listserv moderators: 2 positions (honoraria to be determined) – UPDATED
  • York Pension Fund Board of Trustees Representative: 1 position, 3-year term ($250/year)

All members of CUPE 3903 in good standing may nominate themselves for these positions. To nominate yourself, please email

Please note: If you emailed your nomination before the strike, please re-send it in case it was misplaced.

For a full list of committees and descriptions about their composition and mandate, please click here or read Article 10 of the bylaws here.

Committee members who are completing their terms should prepare a short report to be delivered at the Annual General Meeting on April 22. Please forward your reports and any relevant documents to the Archive Committee or the Recording Secretary: Committee members must submit their reports before they may collect their honoraria.